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Have a smaller group?  How about a short business meeting hop? We offer access to FAA certificated premium aircraft in every class and type.  TwinProp, TurboProp and Jet options are a click away. For over 10 years, and built on safety, trust and transparency, brokered aircraft have been available throughout the southeast and the Bahamas.  We invite you to come aboard and experience the difference.

Aviation Experts

We are not a charter company. We help companies understand the benefits of general aviation and then develop a program that best fits their business travel needs.. Business travelers know the value of time and so do we. With years of aviation management experience we can help you and your business create the edge you need in a competitive environment while providing a positive work/life balance for you and your employees.

Why Use an Air Charter Broker?

You can book your own flight with an air charter operator—the company responsible for providing the aircraft and crew—but brokers offer services that can save you time and money.

For example:

  • Access to a larger fleet of aircraft, allowing you to fly in a plane that best meets your schedule.
  • Relationships with multiple carriers in multiple locations to provide turnkey service wherever you are going.
  • Knowledge of the industry and access to information that will quickly identify options when weather or last-minute schedule changes require a different airport or aircraft.
  • Access to safety information on pilots and aircraft of operators.
  • Knowledge of FAA operational regulations and restrictions, such as flight duty and rest requirements, which adds a layer of oversight so you have assurance that the charter operator is following protocols.
  • Knowledge about necessary paperwork. Brokers will review the charter operator’s operating certificate, safety record and take care of your insurance needs.

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