I hope this letter finds you, your family and your business doing very well in the beginnings of 2021. I know many are glad for a new year. At MySky, we have a very positive outlook and are poised for so many wonderful things. Victoria and I would like to share some of the exciting happenings for 2021 both personal and professional.

Almost a year ago, we made a personal decision to grow our family and also begin a new charter business called TRYP. You may already have heard about TRYP and its successful PC12 transparent pricing platform. In addition to TRYP, we also have exciting family growth. That’s right, twin girls expected for the Mintzer family or as we call them “TwinMintz” and we couldn’t be more excited. They are on final approach and landing in February of 2021. With that said, if you are flying in February, you may not see me on the flight deck, (as I will be enjoying some newborn baby time) but don’t worry, our PC12 aircraft will be out there and I will be back soon enough.

This personal and business growth has sparked a move to the Lakeland/Plant City area (to be closer to family) and in addition, we have operations now at the Lakeland Linder International Airport to be central for our Florida client base. Just because our address has changed in no way will that impact what you have come to know and trust over the past 10 years from MySky. The personal touch on every flight...That attention to detail you’ve come to expect. Most importantly, the safety and reliance of the Pilatus PC12 and other FAA certificated aircraft.

Beginning March 1, new aircraft and capabilities will be available to many airports around the region. So if you are flying from JaxEx ,St Augustine or any other airport you choose, we will be there to pick you up. Our team is laser focused on serving the aviation community and has expanded, building relationships with additional operators to provide more options for any flight request.

A significant investment in technology took place with a new and revised website www.iflymysky.com. This resource has valuable information on staying safe and highlights many of our capabilities such as fractional ownership, consulting, and aircraft management. Nationwide access to the Pilatus PC12 along with jet and twinprop options are available. We also have expanded our consulting and management services to include all categories and class of ownership.

The Pilatus PC12 is still the benchmark of our platform and TRYP Air Charter, FAA certificate #AHZA106C, will not only be servicing the northeast Florida market but also other Southeast US locations including the Islands of the Bahamas.

Our long term vision has always been for simple transparent charter services and TRYP accomplishes that goal. You can view transparent pricing along with sample destinations at www.flytryp.com and review our TRYP Time and Loyalty program benefits.

We know the travel landscape is changing every day and we are responding. Following CDC guidelines on all charter and broker flights is the highest priority. Our team is made up of travel experts with knowledge of guidelines to keep you safe and secure.

The aviation market is experiencing a retail charter price adjustment and our response has been swift. We invite you to experience some of the absolute lowest hourly rates on the PC12 and in some instances enjoy reposition time at No Charge.

AirText on board, catering options and full service concierge services to help with car rentals, hotels and more are always available through the MySky team. 24/7/365 they can be reached at 800-905-9456 for estimates and any questions.

Excitement is just one word to use when we think about all that is coming in 2021 from MySky Aviation Solutions.

We “Thank You” for trusting us with your personal and business flying over the years and invite you to continue that experience as part of this new chapter in our private travel story.

You Set The Agenda.... We Will Get You There.

See you on board.

Elliot & Victoria Mintzer

MySky Aviation Solutions Group